Room Divider Ideas That Can Be Used

Published: 26th February 2010
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When many people think of room divider ideas they think of erecting a wall or placing a sofa in an area to help split it up. Fortunately room dividers have come a long way in the past decade or so. There are many options and choices that makes your space not only private but functional as well. If you live in a dorm, apartment or condominium with other people it is sometimes difficult to find privacy. With some well placed dividers, you can maintain your privacy without installing doors or losing space. You can choose the sizes you need for your partitions and even purchase some that help absorb sound.

If you have the money you can buy some antiques or pseudo antique screens made of wood to add a touch of history and age to your rooms. Using embroidered fabrics mounted on screens is another good idea. The design of the embroidery can be made to match the design of the rest of the room's wall hangings and upholstery. Since they can be taken down and replaced with other designs, available variety in decoration is endless. Screens and panels also allow you to control the amount of light that filters to each side of the partition.

Shelves, cupboards, and other furniture can be used as improvised room dividers. They can be used in a similar way to a low wall to divide a bedroom or any other room. Large book shelves are commercially available for this very purpose.You can also use large plants as improvised room dividers. Plants that can be used include palm trees, bamboos, and various crotons, among others. Using exotic, rare and expensive plants can make this kind of division extremely attractive as a decorative method. Wooden frames containing potted plants are commercially available for this purpose. You too can create similar framed pots. Wooden or metal trellis with plants and vines on them can also be used. Some of the plant pots can be hung from the roof. They will create an impression of division when correctly placed even if you can easily communicate between the two sides.

If the partition that you used as room divider is going in between two rooms with different designs, selection can be a bit trickier. Something neutral such as white, black, or wood is the most obvious choice here, but you can also find dividers that feature different designs on each side. You can also order a custom screen that is made to match your rooms perfectly. Further, you can customize a store-bought one yourself by painting one side. You could also use stencils for this purpose or glue on some pictures or fabric that matches the room.

Portable screens are very useful devices as they easily be removed from one place to another. You can use them as and when need arises and at other times, the can be folded and put in the store room.

Some room dividers are actually moveable walls that can be folded up along one wall or stored out of the way. These walls typically operate on their own track systems or are free standing on locking wheels. They can be used in a garage, gym or large open spaces where people might gather for events. They come in glass, wood, plexiglass, bamboo and vinyl materials that can either be folded or rolled up for easy storage. These types of dividers do not require doors as they can be left ajar for ease in entering and leaving the area.

Another great thing about room dividers is their portability. When your roommate is gone for a long weekend, you can simply fold the divider back up and enjoy the open space for a while. When she returns, you can just as easily unfold it and put it back into place and she will never even know you were making the most of her absence.
The last reminder you need to take when arranging your room divider in your bedroom is that be aware to not de-clutter it. Remember the bedroom is not supposed to be an exercise room, office, or a laundry room and notice their rooms.

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