Ways of Tying a Scarf Fabulously

Published: 27th April 2010
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If you like wrapping up your scattered hair with scarves, head scarves can make you perfectly fit and give a fresh impression. As your hair is swinging with the wind, you soft scarf will be also moving with it to present a romantic surrounding.

It is possible to wear the same scarf or stole differently for different outfits and occasions. It can be tied in multiple fashions depending on the outfit, weather and occasion.

To tie a scarf into simple knot you have to fold it to you preferred thickness. Let the ends hang from your neck then tie it into a knot. You can either fluff up your scarf to hide the knot or you can turn the knot at the side of your neck for some style.

If you're going out on a chilly evening, you could also wear a scarf instead of a shawl to wrap around your shoulders when you have on a sleeveless or shoulder-baring top. Use a decorative brooch or pin to secure the scarf. These pins come in various designs so they can also add a nice touch to your overall look.

To turn your scarf into a European classic you have to fold your scarf crosswise then let it hang from your neck. On one side is the folded end and on the other side are the loose ends. Insert the loose ends into the hole of the folded end then tighten scarf as desired. Any type of scarf will do for this style.

When you tie it, use a simple knot. Spice up your wardrobe by wearing a scarf tied with a simple knot. Try accessorizing with scarfs, and depending on your mood and outfit a scarf can take on a totally different look depending how it is worn. Consider a closely tied knot around your neck for a sassy look, or how about for that conservative attire a scarf tied like a necklace.

Silk hat scarves are beautiful and unique. A common tying method is similar to the head scarf of Muslim women. Fold a square silk scarf, wrap hair with and tie a knot at the neck back, both ends should be pulled to the head top, twisted spirally, and tie a knot at the head top. Bend a square silk scarf until it is three sided; wrap hair with the headscarf while it is still folded and make a tie at the nape of the neck; pull both side of the headscarf up to the crown of the head, wind into a curled shape, and make another tie on the crown of the head. This way is quick, simple, attractive, and it protects your look from disheveling wind.

There are still plenty of ways on how to wear your scarves in your own style. Discover more ideas on how to use them by experimenting. Sooner or later, you'll be walking with a new 'scarf fashion' of your own.

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